Mohanan Ponchitra

Director & Cheif Tutor


The Art Kala Fine Arts began its operations in the year 2016 by Mohanan Ponchitra, a profound and talented artist. From a freelance drawing tutor, driven by his passion on fine arts, he expanded his activities in mentoring young people in fine arts skills.

Today Art Kala Fine Arts with its talented and competent team has inspired youth as well as adults in discovering and grooming their skill through various modalities of fine arts including but not limited to Drawing, Shading, Painting, Oil painting, Acrylic painting, Water colour painting, Pastel colour painting, Mural painting, Craft works, Calligraphy.

As part of our vision to inspire the youth, channel their creative energy and bring about emotional wellbeing, we endeavour to provide various avenues to our students to exhibit their creative works and give an empowerment to enhance their art skills and career to new levels. In 2017, 2022,Art Kala conducted one of the largest exhibitions in GCC. This initiative was welcomed by parents, students and community alike.